Branding – logo

Branding – logo

Site map – 22 city blocks

Lily Pad Lane – a cultural solution to a covered walkway – complete with endemic Colorado animal sounds.

Holiday Decor – custom, silver holiday balls that lit up at night, hanging from the lighting wires over the street

Urban Anatomy – small “ahah” moments through out the district.  This is the poet laureate Billy Collins’ poem, titled ‘Fish’, in response to the sewer cap.

Block 7 Arts – a block of artist studios and a central gallery, built into the side of the parking garage, as a community building and place making strategy.

Ice Skating Rink in the central plaza

Holiday Decor – 22′ foot high holiday tree made from old Lakewood license plates.  The District decor program was created from recycled materials, to support our green messaging and to help generate press

The Belmar Checkbook – a booklet of “checks” from the merchants in the district, as an alternative to a traditional coupon book

Urban Anatomy – a Kim Dickey sculpture mounted on top of the parking garage

Urban Anatomy – a Lilliana Porter piece, installed in the elevator shaft of the parking garage, creating just little ahah moments throughout the district

Environmental Graphics – huge place making signage on the side of the public parking garage